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When Billboards Attack: Christie Needs ‘Help!'

A politically-motivated billboard campaign in New Jersey pulls no punches in attacks on Gov. Chris Christie for his allegiance to Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump, and the group behind the provocative messages say they don't plan on stopping anytime soon.

The 18 billboards, and countless online social media advertisements, call on Christie to "Speak out against racism, sexism and bigotry, don't stand behind it."

The campaign, which has spent at least $200,000 so far, is being paid for by a non-profit dark money group called Bridges Over Politics.

Its evocative imagery takes advantage of Christie's now-infamous appearance behind Trump when the New Jersey governor first endorsed the New York City businessman Feb. 26.

A spokesman for the group declined to say who is funding the campaign, which began in mid-April, but he did say the group would continue buying billboards and online ads "for however long it takes for the governor to speak out" against Trump's stances, like his hardline approach to immigration and asylum for Middle Eastern refugees.

Bridges Over Politics is run by Aaron Keyak, a political aide with ties to North Jersey and New York City. He formerly worked for U.S. Rep. Steve Rothman, a Bergen County Democrat.

On its website, the group states: "Stand with New Jersey. Stand Against Hate."

Bridges Over Politics will continue to buy billboards and online ads, the spokesman said, and it could increase its spending in the coming months.

The group may be willing to end its campaign if Christie drops his support for Trump, but that may not happen any time soon. A report Sunday in The New York Times indicated Christie would be one of a few Republicans willing to run on Trump's ticket as a vice presidential candidate.

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