child adoption Aug 3

Wednesday's Child: Devin

Devin, 16, aspires to be a doctor and loves to help people. He is looking to bring joy to a loving and caring family. NBC10’s Lucy Bustamante introduces us to Devin.

  • Wednesdays Child Jun 8

    Wednesday's Child: J'Mere

    On this week’s Wednesday’s Child, NBC10’s Lucy Bustamante introduces us to J’Mere who is dreaming of finding a forever family. Help make his dreams come true by calling 1-800-TO-ADOPT.

  • wednesday's child Jun 1

    Wednesday's Child: Antwon

    On this week’s Wednesday’s Child, NBC10’s Lucy Bustamante introduces us to Antwon. He loves working with gadgets and being outside, but hopes to one day be in a loving home.

  • wednesday's child May 25

    Wednesday's Child: Rashad

    NBC10’s Lucy Bustamante introduces you to Rashad. This week’s Wednesday’s Child wants to go to college to be a video game designer and YouTuber.

  • Wednesdays Child May 11

    Wednesday's Child: Jahyyah is a True Survivor

    This week’s Wednesday’s Child is a true survivor with an outlook filled with positivity and love. NBC10’s Lucy Bustamante shares Jahyyah’s story.

  • Wednesdays Child May 4

    Wednesday's Child: Charlie

    Charlie is a teenager who has overcome tough challenges as he grows. NBC10’s Lucy Bustamante introduces you to the 19-year-old who has been gaining weight, physical function and socialization.

  • Wednesdays Child Apr 27

    Wednesday's Child: Nicky

    Nicky is a teenager who wants to take his gaming skills to the next level with a forever family. He hopes to also learn Spanish to get in touch with his heritage. To adopt Nicky or any of Wednesday’s Children call the Adoption Center at 1-800-TO-ADOPT.

  • adoption Oct 28, 2020

    Wednesday's Child: Fred

    Fred is a curious child looking for a family to adopt him. NBC10’s Vai Sikahema introduces us to Fred during a visit to the Pennovation complex. You can adopt Fred, or any Wednesday’s Child, by calling the Adoption Center at 1-800 TO ADPOT.

  • Wednesdays Child Oct 23, 2020

    Wednesday's Child: Lebron

    Twelve-year-old Lebron loves being creative and wants to be a comic book artist someday. Plus, he’s a math whiz. But his dream is to find a forever family. Lebron is today’s Wednesday’s Child. If you want to learn more about adoption, call the Adoption Center at 1-800 TO ADOPT.

  • Vai Sikahema Sep 25, 2020

    NBC10's Vai Sikahema Honored for His Work Connecting Families

    NBC10’s Vai Sikahema was honored with the Kid Champion Award by Bethanna Thursday night for Vai’s work helping children find homes as part of Wednesday’s Child.

  • Wednesdays Child Mar 11, 2020

    Wednesday's Child: Sean

    Sean loves music, he loves to give hugs, he’s outgoing and adventurous. Sean wants a family to keep up with his energy and who is willing to be adventurous with him. NBC10’s Vai Sikahema has his Wednesday’s Child story.

  • Wednesdays Child Mar 4, 2020

    Wednesday's Child: Jaden

    Jaden loves sports and lots of other things too. It was a thrill for him to go inside the Philadelphia Eagles locker room. Jaden wants a family to share those special moments with. NBC10’s Vai Sikahema has his story.

  • Wednesdays Child Feb 26, 2020

    Wednesday's Child: Eddie

    Eddie is full of life and enjoys a good time, he just needs a forever family to take him out to adventurious places. NBC10’s Vai Sikahema talked to Eddie, this week’s Wednesday’s Child.

  • looking for a home Feb 19, 2020

    Wednesday's Child: Andrew

    Andrew is a caring young man with a very big heart. NBC10’s Vai Sikahema talked to Andrew about his hopes for a forever family. If you like to be Andrew’s forever family contact the Adopt Center at 1-800-TO-ADOPT.

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