Dan Stamm

Shhhhh! Wawa's Secret Menu Is Back & Brighter Than Ever

Colorful lemonades & rainbow bagels on Wawa's new list of secret items.

Let’s just keep this a secret between us.

Wawa is offering up some colorful treats on its secret menu this summer.

Folks who press the flapping goose on the ordering screen at Wawa kiosks will unlock some sweet treats including brightly-colored lemonades and a rainbow-swirled bagel (cream cheese please), the company told NBC10.

Hold on, isn’t this supposed to be a secret?

“You didn’t hear it from us,” Wawa said.

Wawa didn’t say if the colorful lemonades will have different flavors, as well. Guess you will just have to order one to find out.

The Wawa secret menu is nothing new. Aficionados of the convenience store chain will note that pressing the goose has revealed other secret items in the past, including some for Wawa Day earlier this year.

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