Water Woes Squeeze Flow

No swimming pools, no watering lawns and no washing your car. These changes affect people in the Lower and Upper Macungie Townships, also a small number of people in the surrounding areas.

Drought isn’t the cause of these restrictions. Too much demand and not enough supply is the problem for those who use water in the Central Lehigh Division.

People in those areas are wondering why the Water Authority didn’t properly plan for the water that its customers' needs. LCA has been working on water supply projects to increase capacity for several years according to their Web site, but have encountered delays in the approval process that have pushed construction beyond their anticipated schedules.

Summer water usage can peak over 12 million gallons but their wells can only hold 10.8 million gallons. That’s why people are being asked to use water for only essential purposes, such as public fire protection and drinking water.

“This project delay has resulted in a projected shortfall of supply for this summer that can be prevented with your help and cooperation.” says the LCA.

The change went into effect Monday. Anyone who violates the water restrictions will have to pay a $50 fine.
All other water divisions outside of Central Lehigh are exempt from these restrictions.

Click here to see the full list of water restrictions. If you have questions that you want to ask the LCA contact them on their Web site.

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