Teen Jumps in River to Help Girl, Disappears

A teenager jumped in the Delaware River late Wednesday to help out a friend and he disappeared.

"They came and saved my life," said Jennifer Torres, who cried recounting the story.

Torres was out on a pier near State Road and Rhawn Street late in the afternoon with a friend, Josh Garner and his cousin, William Wilkinson. Torres says she accidentally slipped and fell into the water. Wilkinson, 17, went in after her.

"He jumped in to help her and he started drowning," Garner said.

At that point, Josh and two good Samaritans also jumped into the river. They were able to save Jennifer, and Josh thought he'd be able to save William too.

"The guys got to him. I had his hand and I had him with me," said Josh. "He let go. I went under, couldn't see him. He never came back up."

Thursday afternoon around 5 authorities found a male's body in the river near 7777 State Road that they believe to be Wilkinson's, police said.

An official identification has yet to be made, cops said.

Crews had spent several hours looking for Wilkinson by boat and by air through the night.

"It's a recovery mission at this point," Small said. "Every year this happens. Children jump and they don't come out. They drown."

The Marine Unit also got involved in the search.

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