Phil Murphy

New Jersey Has New Map to Help School Districts Weigh Reopening Plans

Gov. Phil Murphy released a new map to show how counties rank based on "regional metrics."

Gov. Phil Murphy
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The state of New Jersey released "regional metrics" on Monday to help school districts weigh reopening plans and where towns stand with COVID-19 cases and positivity rates.

"We recognize the tremendous differences between and within our school districts that make a one-size-fits-all solution impractical," Gov. Phil Murphy said. "We have provided the communities the flexibility they need to make the right decision that works best for them."

Of the states more than 700 public districts and private schools, 436 proposed to the state to start the year with a mix of in-person and remote education, Murphy said.

The first-term Democrat said 180 districts are seeking to start entirely remotely, while 59 are planning in-person starts. Fewer than a dozen schools will pursue a mix of all of those approaches, Murphy said.

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