The Wait Is Over: Comcast Technology Center's Universal Sphere Opens to the Public

"I had tears in my eyes. It's just amazing"

For months it remained hidden behind black cloth, but now the massive sphere inside the Comcast Technology Center is open to the public and ready to wow the masses.

And you can get your Universal Sphere tickets here.

Located on the Center City Philadelphia skyscraper's second-floor lobby, the 34-foot tall, 39-foot in diameter Universal Sphere is imposing and impressive on the exterior, but inside is where it really shines, providing a free, immersive cinematic experience for those who enter through its automated sliding doors.

Featuring the short film "The Power of I" -- for which Steven Spielberg was the executive producer -- the sphere invites guests to explore the power of ideas.

"It is emotional, and it makes you think that every person really can make a difference in this world with the ideas that they have," said Comcast employee Teresa Tellekamp after experiencing the sphere for herself.

People who enter the giant indoor orb will be seated on a raised platform that moves as an overhead screen envelops them while projecting the film. The film itself seeks to inspire and show how ideas can grow and evolve into life-changing inventions that both change and save lives.

"Ideas are our superpower. They're the very thing that makes us human," the film's narrator says as the screen flashes images of ideas that have had a profound impact on people.

The film includes the story of leukemia patient Emily Whitehead, whose life doctors fought desperately to save at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia.

Doctors thought the little girl would die until, through a "Hail Mary" idea, they decided to treat her with a drug originally intended for arthritis.

The treatment worked, and Whitehead is now in remission and thriving.

"I had tears in my eyes. It's just amazing," Emma Klein said after watching the film.

Comcast expects to host 30 screenings a day, with a maximum of 25 guests per screening. Screenings will take place Monday through Friday between 10 a.m. and 5 p.m.

Though ticket reservations aren't required, people looking to go at a specific time can reserve same-day tickets at For more information on the experiences in the Comcast Center Campus, click here.

Comcast is the parent company of this NBC station.

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