Upper Dublin Police Officer and Villanova Alum Sports Wildcat Gear at Work

Montgomery County police officer and Villanova alum Stephen Pimm showed off his Wildcat pride by sporting a Villanova jersey at work Tuesday.

The Upper Dublin Township Police Department posted a photo of Pimm wearing his jersey with the caption: "Congratulations to Officer Pimm and his Villanova Wildcats" on Facebook.

Officer Pimm is a Villanova alumni who was recruited from his hometown in Tampa, Florida to play football in 2005. Pimm played tight end for the Wildcats from 2005-2009.

"I had that jersey from years ago," Pimm says. "We try to use our social media, especially facebook and twitter, for information sharing and staying close to the community. We're people too."

After graduating with a degree in criminal justice, Pimm settled down with his fellow Wildcat wife and went through the Upper Dublin Police Academy, where he is now an officer.

After the Wildcats defeated UNC Monday night with a jaw-dropping buzzer beater in the NCAA final, Officer Pimm and all of Nova Nation had reason to celebrate.

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