Upper Darby Bullying Attack Suspects Remain In Custody

The seven teens allegedly involved in the brutal attack of a 13-year-old Upper Darby student faced the judge Wednesday morning.

The judge denied requests from defense attorneys to release the suspects, ruling that they would remain in custody until complete evaluations, including psychological, were performed.

The teens, who attend the Opportunity Center at Upper Darby High School, are accused of dragging, punching and kicking the victim, shoving him in a tree upside down and then hanging him by his coat on an iron fence. The attack was caught on cell phone video by one of the bullies and posted on youtube.

The suspects are currently being held at the Delaware County Detention Facility where the judge ruled they will stay until complete evaluations are performed.

“If they come back as low risk, they may be released at the next court proceeding,” said Defense Attorney Dave Dipasqua.

The defense attorneys argue that the cell phone video isn’t proof enough of their client’s involvement in the attack.

Reporters covering the court proceedings were ejected by the judge and escorted out by security after it was ruled that information discussed on the teens, including their criminal record, was not to be made public.

One of the suspect’s relatives was critical of how authorities have handled the case.

“Mr. Chitwood does have a rather bulldoggish approach,” said the relative. “However, we’ll wait to see what happens.”

The teenage suspects are expected to be back in court on Feb. 10.

The bullying victim was not seriously injured. He has shared his story on national television.

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