Unwanted Pregnancies May Lead to Unwanted Lawsuits for Pfizer

Experts say women who became pregnant after taking defective birth control pills could sue Pfizer.

Unwanted pregnancies as a result of Pfizer’s defective birth control pill could lead to a lot of unwanted law suits.

Women who became pregnant after taking the defective pills Pfizer recalled on Feb. 1 could sue the drug company for their unwanted pregnancies, according to Yahoo! News.

Arthur Caplan, a bioethicist at the University of Pennsylvania, told NBC 10 the best way for women to successfully sue Pfizer in a case such as this is to prove their health was put at risk by the unwanted pregnancy. Another way is to prove the child was exposed to health risks or born with severe disabilities as a result of the pregnancy.

“Those are very actionable cases,” Caplan said.

However, Caplan says it would be more difficult to sue for a woman who gets pregnant and has a healthy baby when she “just didn’t want to.”

“The difficulty is you have to go to court and say I have a healthy baby and I want you to pay me because I didn’t want this baby.  That’s an awkward spot to be in,” Caplan said.

In a small number of states, women are allowed to ask for “economic expenses” or child support related to raising the child until he or she is 18-years-old, if the child is a result of an unwanted pregnancy caused by defective birth control.

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