Philadelphia police

Underground Explosion Damages Area Outside 30th Street Station

Officials responded to an underground explosion near 30th Street Station Saturday afternoon.

The underground blast occurred underneath a manhole on Market Street between 29th and 30th streets. Officials say a vintage lead cable that was built in the 1930s by the Pennsylvania Railroad and connected to 30th Street Station became corroded and began smoking. The pressure from the smoke built up underground and caused the explosion. No one was hurt during the blast.

The blast damaged a small portion of the road outside of 30th Street Station. Market Street was closed for several hours between 29th and 30th streets as a result. It later reopened. SEPTA bus routes 9, 31, 44, 124 and 125 were also re-routed. The detours to those routes were later lifted however.

Officials say the underground rail line systems, AMTRAK and 30th Street Station are all operating normally.

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