Craps: Largest Underage Gambling Fine in A.C. History

Bally's must ante up $157,000 underage gambling fine after 20 year old gambled numerous times at the casino.

This ruling is the largest fine issued for underage gambling, according to the New Jersey Attorney General.

Bally's reportedly allowed the underage women to get a Connection Card in January 2006 that allowed her to be rated and earn comps while gambling. She proceeded to gamble 18 days over two months at Bally's getting rated dozens of times, according to a N.J. Attorney General release.

The gambler mostly kept to tables but played slots also a few times. She never actually used any comps.

The gambler was discovered at the now-defunct Sands Casino where she was busted for illegally gambling underage. An investigation revealed her earlier gaming at Bally's.

"This penalty is warranted because the underage woman was permitted to gamble extensively at Bally's without being detected and stopped," said Division of Gaming Enforcement director Josh Lichtblau.

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