Uber Launches ‘Express Pool' Feature in Philly

Uber is launching Express Pool, an updated version of the ride-sharing Uber Pool feature, in Philadelphia on Thursday.

Uber is launching a new feature Thursday in Philadelphia that expands on its current "Pool" feature, matching ride-seekers in similar locations and having them meet in a certain location.

The new feature, called Express Pool, is expected to cut the cost even further, the company said in a release.

Uber Pool, launched in 2014, cut costs for riders by allowing them to share a driver.

Here's how it'll work:

  • After requesting an Express Pool, the app will ask riders to wait a few minutes to be matched with up to three other passengers in their area.
  • Each passenger will then walk a short distance to a mutual pick-up site.
  • The riders will be dropped off in one location within a few blocks of each of their destinations.

The company said it hopes this will lead to better ride-sharing matches and more direct routes.

Express Pool has already been piloting in San Francisco and Boston, and becomes available in other major cities across the country throughout the week.

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