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Fumo, Ft. Dix, church shooting update

Fumo’s Girlfriend Stands By His Side
The air in Fumo’s Federal Courtroom 17A smells of contempt.  Not contempt of court, but contempt and disgust surrounding Senator Vince Fumo’s personal life.
His estranged daughter doesn’t speak to him, his son-in-law is a witness for the prosecution, his two ex-wives sit by to watch his destruction, and his ex-girlfriend will testify against him.  But, through it all, his current girlfriend, Carolyn Zinni, is standing by his side.
On Monday, Zinni wore a black skirt suit and heels, a gold crucifix, and a ruby-and-diamond ring on her left hand that she said was a gift from Fumo.

According to, she kissed Fumo on the lips during a break and the two left for lunch holding hands.

Zinni owns Zinni’s dress shop in Springfield and has been married twice.  She also used to date City Councilman Frank DiCicco, Fumo’s ally. (
Ft. Dix Jurors Hear Secret Tapes

The jurors of the Ft. Dix terror plot heard secretly taped conversations between an informant and one of the accused in court on Tuesday.
During the conversation, informant Mahmoud Omar and defendant Mohomad Shnewer spoke about the mistreatment of Muslims in the U.S. and how easy it is to attack an American base with “heavy weapons” like “mortars.”
Jurors heard that Omar spent more than one year wearing a wire gathering evidence for authorities so they could build their case.  He will receive $240,000 from the government for his cooperation.
The defendants face charges of conspiracy to kill military personnel, attempted murder and weapons offenses. (Courier Post)
Church Lady Made Pastor Uncomfortable
Mary Jane Fonder’s love for her pastor may have turned deadly for fellow church member Rhonda Smith.  But, Rev Gregory Shreaves, pastor at Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church in Springfield, didn’t share Fonder’s love.  He testified at Fonder’s murder trial Tuesday, saying she left him with an uncomfortable vibe.
"She said something to the effect that ‘There's something going on between us’…In my mind, I felt I needed to be on my guard. I thought that it was inappropriate and improper," Shreaves said.

She still continued her pursuit for two years, sending him food, presents and constantly calling him, Shreaves said.   Some of her rambling phone messages were played for the jury.

Fonder was arrested and charged with first-degree murder for the shooting of Rhonda Smith, perhaps because she was receiving more of the pastor’s attention. (

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