Tri-State Snow-Fighting Spending Skyrockets During Brutal Winter

The record snowfall this winter has forced snow removal spending in the tri-state to skyrocket -- by as much as 1,070 percent.

New Jersey budgeted $10 million for snow removal, but has spent $117.3 million so far this winter, a spokesperson with the state’s department of transportation said. That’s an increase of 1,070 percent. The agency says they will spend as much money as necessary to keep the roads safe and will eventually be reimbursed by the state treasury.

NJDOT nearly doubled the amount of rock salt it used to treat the roads this winter during 47 snow events. More than 489,000 tons of salt were needed this winter versus 258,000 the year before, officials said.

In Delaware, the state winter storm-fighting efforts cost the state more than five times the budgeted $3.5 million dollars. A spokesperson with DelDOT tells they have spent $16 million treating 12,000 miles of roads across the state. They’ve also used 96,300 tons of rock salt and spent $3 million in overtime pay.

Pennsylvania has spent $226 million statewide clearing snow and treating roads during the winter of 2013-2014, a spokesman with PennDOT said. That’s a 20 percent spike over budget.

More than $34 million of that total was used in the five county region around Philadelphia, PennDOT said.

While spring has arrived, the budgets could continue to increase as cold weather and another potential snowstorm prepare to set in next week.

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