New Jersey

Thief Swipes Wire Cutters From New Jersey Store, Uses to Swipe GoPros, Claims Camera Is His Despite ‘For Display Only' Sticker: Police

A thief who police in New Jersey say used stolen wire cutters to cut loose a pair of GoPro cameras, told a responding officer the camera he got away with was his despite saying “For Display Only” on it.

Kristofer Coltenback, of nearby Whiting, entered the Kmart on Route 37 East in Toms River early Sunday afternoon, stole a pair of wire cutters then used those wire cutters to snag a couple of GoPros from a display, said Toms River Police.

A loss prevention officer confronted Coltenback and got one of the cameras back before the 38-year-old suspect made a run for it, said investigators.

An officer located Coltenback a short distance away and questioned him about the camera. Coltenback said the camera belonged to him despite it having a “For Display Only” sticker still on it, said police. The suspect also still had the stolen wire cutters in his pocket, investigators said.

Coltenback was charged with fourth-degree shoplifting and given a $2,500 bail.

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