Thieves Target Society Hill Doors: Cops

Police say at least 14 brass knockers have been stolen from the doors of Society Hill homes within the past week and a half.

Police are on the hunt for thieves who they say are targeting the front doors of various homes in the Society Hill section of Philadelphia.

At least 14 brass knockers have been snatched off doors from Society Hill homes in the last week and a half, according to police.

“They’re doing it very quickly, in a matter of minutes they’re going up to doors and taking it,” said Society Hill resident Sheila Brown. “Ours is not an antique knocker but yes it is an old brass knocker.”

“We had a couple people who say they went out for dinner and then when they came home from dinner they noticed their brass knob was gone,” said Philadelphia Police Captain Brian Korn.

Police say one of the more recent thefts happened over the weekend on the 300 block of Delancey Street in broad daylight.

“That is what is very astonishing,” said Brown, who lives on Delancey. “That’s a block with families coming and going. Broad daylight is very surprising.”

While some of the door knockers are unique antiques, police believe the thieves are stealing them and melting them down for money.

“Scrap metal is at an all-time high, brass is pretty high right now so it’s a quick buck,” said Captain Korn.

While police continue to investigate, some residents are taking matters into their own hands.

“I’m not sure of the history of the knocker itself,” said one resident. “All the more reason to just remove it and keep it safe inside until this whole thing blows over.”

“It’s really a sense of violation,” said Captain Korn. “You have something taken off your front door while you’re home and you feel violated. Your sense of security is violated.”

Police recommend Society Hill residents remove the door knockers. They also say they should keep an eye out for any suspicious activity.

If you have any information on the thefts, please call Philadelphia Police.

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