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Taxi Trouble: Woman Given the Run-Around After Cabbie Crash

She went back and for with the cab company and its insurer for nearly a year so she could get her car fixed.

After a woman's car was hit by a taxi, she thought the issue would be quickly resolved. Instead, it turned into a nearly year-long headache.

Dorothy Musick was babysitting her grandchildren at her son's Pine Hill, New Jersey home in March of last year when she heard a loud crash. Minutes later, there was a knock at her door.

"It was the cab driver telling me, 'I just hit your car. I'm so sorry,'" Musick remembered. The Lucky Star Taxi driver told her the company's insurance would take care of the repairs, she said.

Instead, a month later, Lucky Star Taxi's insurance company told her that her $2,227 repair claim was denied because the driver was not on the policy, Musick said.

The cab company insisted the driver was on the policy at the time of the accident and assured Musick that it would clear up the confusion, she said. But, though she called both the cab company and its insurer every month for the next 10 months, a check never came.

NBC10 Responds contacted both the taxi company and its insurer to clear up the issue.

The taxi company said its insurance would pay. The insurance company said an adjuster denied Musick's claim. The adjuster never picked up repeated calls from NBC10.

Just two days after NBC10 got involved, however, a representative for the insurance company told Musick that the company agreed to pay for the damages.

When contacted by NBC10 about why it reversed its position, the insurance company's owner replied simply with, "We have no comment, thank you."

Regardless of why the company reversed its position, Musick is just happy that she'll finally be able to have her car insured.

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