“Strep Zoo” Cause of SPCA Canine Deaths

Test results have come back determining the cause of death for six dogs at two Pennsylvania SPCA shelters.

The canines were infected with streptococcus equi, a bacterial infection commonly referred to as “strep zoo.” The disease is easily treated with penicillin, officials said.

Canine influenza was originally suspected as the cause of death.

PSPCA facilities at 350 Erie Avenue and 111 Hunting Park Avenue remain quarantined until the shelters are sanitized. The shelters have been shut down since Monday.

“We reached out to experts at Penn and we are in the process of implementing treatment protocol at both shelters,” said Director of Shelter Medicine and Chief Investigative Veterinarian Dr. Rachel Lee in a statement Wednesday.

Symptoms of the disease include cough, runny nose and fever with severe cases causing dogs to bleed from the mouth and nose.

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