Police Find Stolen SUV With Baby Inside in West Philadelphia

The child is doing okay and is being evaluated by medics, police said.

A baby boy was found safe after a suspect stole the SUV he was inside in the Cobbs Creek section of Philadelphia Tuesday.

The child's 32-year-old mother was getting her tongue pierced at Dave's Artistic Tattoo on North 63rd Street at 2:46 p.m., police said. As she was inside the shop, someone stole her 2016 white GMC Terrain while her 9-month-old son was in the vehicle.

"She left the facility for a moment. She went out to the car we believe to check on the child," Philadelphia Police Lt. John Walker said. "Goes back in to actually have the piercing done. They complete the piercing in about five minutes. When she comes back out to the car, the car is gone with the 9-month-old in the backseat."

Dave Hennelly, the owner of Dave's Artistic Tattoo, told NBC10 the woman was in a state of panic when she couldn't find her child.

"She didn't know what was going on," Hennelly said. "She was hysterical."

Police on foot, bike, in patrol cars and a helicopter all searched for the vehicle and the baby.

They eventually found the boy inside the SUV five blocks away on 232 Wanamaker St. The vehicle was running and the AC was on, police said.

SkyForce10 was over the scene as an officer held the child. The baby was evaluated by medics and is doing okay.

"The baby was drinking the bottle," Marreshia Hunley, a neighbor, said. "I was relieved the baby was okay."

Police continue to search for the suspect. They also told NBC10 it's unlikely the child's mother will face charges.

"Was it that important? A tongue piercing?" Toni Finn, a neighbor, asked. "What the hell is that about?"

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