State May Not Buy Sales Tax Hike

"So far, it doesn't look like the city is doing anything to help itself," State Rep. John Perzel said.

And if the state does not approve of Philadelphia's proposed one percent sales tax hike, which seems to be Mayor Michael Nutter's budget deficit cure all, expect massive city cuts and layoffs to become a reality, according to the Metro.

And Nutter better be ready to lobby for the city's requests like he's never lobbied before, since the city has shown no effort to decrease spending, the paper reported.

"If you look at these major corporations and what they have to do to move forward, some are laying off 40 percent of their workforce," Perzel said.

Many don't see how the sales tax increase would really impact the city.

"Those who are looking to save money are already looking at the current sales tax and shopping outside the city," Councilman Wilson Goode Jr. said.

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