Icy Blast Hits the Region

The snow is gone but the ice remains.

As temperatures continued to drop overnight, ice formed on untreated areas. The bitter cold and icy conditions won't go away anytime soon.

Tuesday's snowstorm came to an end in the afternoon and the quick-moving front moved out to sea bringing in colder temperatures and the new element to worry about -- ice.

The cold blast moved through the area as temperatures dropped below freezing in several areas and should stay throughout the day on Wednesday.

While most of the main highways were cleared, ice formed on untreated roads, sidewalks and driveways and will remain during the Wednesday morning commute into the afternoon. While there will be clear skies and plenty of sunshine, we'll also have to deal with bitter cold temperatures throughout the day that will last until Friday.

Wednesday Time line

9 a.m. - Icy spots, bitter cold, 23 degrees

11 a.m. - Icy spots, bitter cold, 25 degrees

Thursday: Bitter cold, high of 28, low of 15

Friday:  Bitter Cold, high of 30, low of 13

Saturday: Warmup, Wintry mix to rain, high of 41, low of 27

Sunday: Clearing and windy, high of 44, low of 28

Tuesday's snowstorm, as predicted, hit during the morning rush. By mid morning, snow fell on much of the region -- quickly sticking.

Roads around the region backed up as motorists spun out or got stuck while others heeded the advice of officials and slowed down. A major problem spot was Route 202 northbound in Westtown, Pa. where the road was closed for hours after motorists got stuck. At Philadelphia International Airport, flights were delayed for hours or canceled entirely as crews worked to clear runways. A total of 154 flights were canceled. All runways were opened Tuesday night as delays dissipated.

The storm brought snow to almost the entire region.

The storm was a quicker version of the storm that dropped 1 foot of snow on Newark, Del. and more than 8 inches on Philadelphia International Airport over the weekend.

Crews battled snow-covered roads throughout the morning as dozens of accidents were reported.

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