Snake Bit!

South Jersey Good Samaritan bitten trying to save snake

 An Egg Harbor Township, NJ man was hospitalized Thursday after he suffered snake bite.
24-year old Nelson Drinkwater was driving on Route 679 in Tuckerton, when he saw a rattler crossing the road.

Authorities say Drinkwater tried to pin it down with a stick to keep it from getting run over.  And that’s when the reptile bit his hand.

"I just knew from the amount of blood that I was in trouble,” said Drinkwater.

"Almost instantly, I had a numbing sensation through my wrist and in my tongue and I felt like I was gonna swallow my tongue.  That’s what really scared me."
The Good Samaritan was taken to AtlantiCare Regional Medical center and given anti-venom serum.
He’s expected to be OK.

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