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WATCH: Good Samaritans Save Man Trapped in Burning Vehicle

The three men pulled the victim through the driver's side and took him to safety

A man is in the hospital after a group of good Samaritans rescued him from a burning vehicle following a crash in Sicklerville, New Jersey, Friday night.

The victim was driving east on Erial Road at 6:50 p.m. when he lost control and left the roadway. The driver entered the Camden County Park Recreational Area and crashed into a large tree causing the vehicle to catch fire.

Mellina Santos told NBC10 she witnessed the crash and recognized the victim, Tyrone Gollopp, her neighbor and high school friend.

"I was scared," Santos said. "I'm like, 'I know him!' I automatically got goosebumps."

Gil Shaw says he was driving past the area when he saw the burning car as well as a group of people standing around watching.

"I saw people standing around but they were not approaching the car," Shaw said.

Shaw grabbed an ax from a neighbor and began hitting the door of the car with the flames only inches away from him.

"I just proceeded to get that door open," Shaw said. "Or to pry it open."

Two more good Samaritans joined him and one managed to rip out the car window. The three men then pulled Gollopp through the driver's side and took him to safety. The flames grew in intensity only moments later.

"Literally the same time they took him out the fumes came up," Santos said.

Responding crews put out the flames and transported Gollopp to the hospital where he is currently in critical but stable condition.

"It was just my duty to do what I could do," said Shaw, who is a former Boy Scout. "I was trained that way."

Santos told NBC10 she's happy Shaw and the other two men took action.

"Not everybody is going to be willing to risk their own life to save someone else," Santos said. "So, you know, God bless them as well." 

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