Showdown at the Snow-K Corral

"Somebody better move the snow or somebody is going to get shot," gunman allegedly said


Police arrested a 26-year-old Bensalem man on aggravated assault charges Wednesday after he allegedly shoved a 9mm semi-automatic gun into the cheek of a man removing snow from his apartment complex.

The suspect thought the snow blower operator had blocked his car in, police say.

“I guess he took matters into his own hands and came out with a handgun and stuck it to the victim’s face and threatened him” said Sgt. Andrew Aninsman of Bensalem Police.

A subcontractor for an apartment complex on Neshaminy Valley Drive was removing snow with a snow blower at about 8 a.m. Wednesday when Eddie Simmons of the 1300 block of Neshaminy Valley Drive allegedly began arguing with the man.

That’s when things apparently got a little heated. And according to police, Simmons pulled out a black handgun, stuck it in the victim’s right cheek and said that "somebody better move the snow or somebody is going to get shot.”

Neighbors were stunned.  “It’s kinda scary being that I’m a mom and I have a family living here, so I’m not so thrilled about someone pulling a gun right in my neighborhood” said Kimberly Pearil.

Simmons is behind bars, awaiting his first court hearing.

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