Accused Delco Movie Theater Thief Confesses: Police

Police in Delaware County arrested a man last night who they say robbed a movie theater and then fought a security guard in the parking lot, leading to a shot being fired over the weekend.

The suspect walked into the AMC Marple 10 Theater in Marple Township, Delaware County around 11 p.m. on Friday, went to the register area and grabbed $600 in cash, according to investigators.

On Wednesday night the yet-to-be identified suspect was arrested and confessed to three robberies at the theater over the past three years, according to Marple Township Police.

Investigators say that as the suspect walked out of the theater towards his car Friday he was followed by a security guard. The guard confronted the man in the parking lot, leading to a brief scuffle, according to officials.

Eventually the suspect managed to escape, enter his car and drive off.

Police say the security guard pulled out a gun and shot at the suspect’s car, striking the car door. The suspect continued to drive off at a high speed towards Route 1.

Neither the guard nor anyone inside the theater was injured during the incident.

Detectives tell NBC10 that the incident was the third robbery in three years at the theater. The suspect is expected to be charged in each case. 

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