Shore Rentals Rise During Snowy Winter

Many people sick of the snow have already taken action to make their beach dreams a reality as realtors say Jersey Shore rentals are filling up fast.

"Many people are so tired of the winter and thinking of the nice summer weather," said Allan Dechert, former president of the New Jersey Association of Realtors.

Andrew Fasy of NJ Realty Inc. in Sea Isle also suspects the more than 50 inches of snow that fell in Philadelphia was a factor.

"People are dreaming of the beach," he said. "We are on fire with rentals this year."

The brokers at NJ Realty Inc. handle leasing for about 1,500 properties in Sea Isle and approximately 3,500 in Ocean City.

The number of rental leases signed is up more than 30 percent from the same date a year ago for NJ Realty, Fasy said.

He adds that the company's rentals are also up about the same amount from summer 2012, meaning it is unlikely the latest increase is due to Hurricane Sandy lowering the number of leases in summer 2013.

Another Sea Isle agency, The Landis Co. Realtors, is also experiencing a boom.

"We are at least 300 leases ahead of where we were last year," said Linda Taylor, Landis rental manager, who added that the increase represents a rise of nearly 25 percent.

Taylor's location manages about 1,200 rental properties, which are mostly in Sea Isle.

One Ocean City broker also noted more vacationers have lined up their plans earlier than usual.

"We're up about 10 percent over last year," said Jesse Briglia, owner of Jesse Real Estate.

All of the brokers say most of their customers book the rental properties online, making the increase even more noteworthy given the power outages that plagued much of the region in February.

But Briglia is cautious about the rise in early lessees.

"With the uncertainty of the finality of the school year," he said, "I think some people are waiting to know exactly where they stand."

Typically the third week of June starts the renting season for Shore towns, but many schools are extending the academic year to make up for snow days.

"The bargains are going be in June," Briglia said. "Especially for the larger properties where you'd be packed with kids."

Dechert warns that even those bargains might not last for long.

"To get the location you want and the type of property you want, you are much better off getting down here and booking early," he said.

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