Woman Jumps From Car, Onto Bus to Avoid Sex Assault

A woman jumped from her own moving vehicle this morning to escape from a possible sexual assault.

And, a SEPTA bus driver stayed with the woman as police rushed to the scene.

The 31-year-old victim, though visibly shaken, says she wasn’t seriously hurt after a man forced her at gunpoint into her Saturn sedan along the 1900 block of Colwyn Street in the Hunting Park section of Philadelphia. The woman, who NBC10 isn't identifying since she was possibly the victim of an attempted sex assault, says she was headed to work at the time and that the man forced her to drive.

"The guy jumps in my car and says pull off and I was screaming," she exclusively told NBC10. "He said, 'shut up or I'm going to shoot you.'"

The man began to rifle through the woman’s purse trying to find cash. She says she told him he could have whatever he wanted from her wallet but after finding no cash he said he wanted something else.

"He said basically, 'you're good for sex or whatever like that so keep driving' and I was like I really don't want to do this."

Around Chew Avenue and Washington Lane in Mt. Airy, the woman saw an opportunity to get away. She was able to escape by throwing herself from the moving car and running over to a nearby Route 18 SEPTA bus around 8 a.m. -- knocking frantically on the door.

The SEPTA driver stopped his bus and let the woman on board, according to SEPTA.

The woman told the driver what happened and the driver radioed for help. The driver waited with the woman for police to arrive as passengers waited for another bus.

The woman's car came to a rest against the sign of a nearby gas station. Her accused attacker ran away from the scene.

No official word yet on a possible suspect as investigators pour over surveillance video. Witnesses on the bus did, however, get a good look at the guy.

"He was looking like a little kid but they said he had a gun," said bus rider Paul Speaks.

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