Dan Stamm

You (Or Will Smith) Could Be the New Voice of SEPTA

SEPTA wants to reward people for suggesting the new voice of the Philadelphia area transit agency

What to Know

  • SEPTA is offering up a free monthly pass to one of the “most thoughtful" entries in its SEPTA voice contest.
  • The new voice of the transit agency doesn't have to be a celebrity but SEPTA offered up some like Jill Scott, Sly Stallone and Will Smith.
  • SEPTA is open to suggestions on its next announcer through Aug. 26.

SEPTA wants you to be hearing voices when you ride.

And, you can help the transit agency pick its newest (celebrity) announcer.

“Who do you think would be the best voice for SEPTA?” the agency asked on its contest page. “Will Smith? Kevin Hart? Jill Scott? Sly Stallone? Pink? The Ben Franklin impersonator? You?”

Currently Phillies slugger Rhys Hoskins reminds riders to "play it safe and watch your step." In the past former Eagle Connor Barwin reminded riders to recycle. What might the next announcer say?

“Yo, this is Sly Stallone and this train is headed to Frankford” and “Will Smith here, next stop is Belmont Plateau” sure would be fun to hear.

SEPTA is open to suggestions on its next announcer through Aug. 26. The Top 11 “most thoughtful entries" will get prizes, SEPTA said. The grand prize is an Anywhere TrailPass (a $204 value) for September with the other 10 winners getting a SEPTA T-shirt.

Of course, SEPTA would still need to convince their next voice to take the gig. They hope the local pride will swell like it did for Vancouver, Canada, native Seth Rogan who recently became the voice of his hometown TransLink.

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