Security Camera Could Catch Ardmore Sexual Predator

A security camera at the YMCA in Ardmore may have captured images of the man who allegedly sexually assaulted a 23-year-old woman Monday night, say police.

A spokesperson for the Ardmore YMCA confirmed that they gave police surveillance video from the day and time a jogger was grabbed around Glenn Road and St. Georges Road.

The Y is located at 100 St. Georges Road, which is only two-tenths of a mile from the intersection.

A 5-foot-10 “pudgy” white man in his early 20s with dark blonde curly hair grabbed the woman at gunpoint 8:30 p.m. Monday, pulled her into nearby bushes and sexually assaulted her, said Lower Merion police.

The woman wrestled the gun away from the man and then ran away. Police said that the gun ended up being a BB gun.

Police are working to see if the surveillance video can help them find the alleged sexual predator.

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