School Board Erases “Some Idiot” From Public Record

A NJ taxpayer doesn’t want to pay local school board members’ legal bills. He told them so at a public school board meeting. When video of the meeting was broadcasted on television, Michael Dupreepaci had been deleted, reports the Press of Atlantic City.

“We are not going to be disrespected by some idiot,” Pleasantville school board president Doris Graves told the Press of Atlantic City.

Dupreepaci spoke out against solicitor Ronald Hunt at the Pleasantville School Board meeting last week for billing the district for legal bills incurred in lawsuits against three board members. The lawsuits are election related.

While the debate between Depreepaci and Hunt became heated, the words were never profane, reports the Press of Atlantic City. When the broadcast aired, a still screen was displayed for the duration of the exchange.

“It shouldn’t have been removed,” Dupreepaci said. “It’s a public meeting. We’re taxpayers here.”

Though Graves would not say if she approved the edit, cameraman Chris Heitman told the reporter to ask Graves.

“It just wasn’t on there, and it’s not ever going to be on there. And I’m going to hang up now, thank you for calling,” Graves said.

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