Current Permit Parking Causes Concerns For Rehoboth Beach Residents

The "Nation's Summer Capital" is a prime vacation destination for tourists all over the globe, but the growing number of visitors has caused increasing parking concerns for the community

What to Know

  • Current parking permit regulations and the number of visitors have caused increasing parking concerns for the residents of Rehoboth Beach.
  • Current parking regulations only require a parking permit for visitors from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.
  • The Parking Advisory Committee has scheduled a meeting on Monday, July 22 at City Hall for everyone who would be impacted by any change.

Located along the beautiful Delaware Shore, Rehoboth Beach is the largest beach resort in the state and is consistently praised for its world-famous boardwalks, beautiful beach homes, appetizing restaurants, and of course, it’s tax-free shopping. According to the National Geographic Magazine, it is one of the “Top U.S. Boardwalks.”

The "Nation's Summer Capital" is a prime vacation destination for tourists all over the globe, but the growing number of visitors has caused increasing parking concerns for the community.

Local parking permits take effect during the summer season, but streets with permit parking are still free after 5 p.m., according to NBC10's affiliate, WRDE Coast TV. Ultimately, this has left neighbors exhausted after fighting for parking outside their homes.

Helen Daley is one of the many in the town who continues to deal with the issue during the summer season.

"Sometimes I have company, I'll try to leave a space in my driveway," Daley said. "Sometimes I'll put my car in the street because I have a tag. If I move my car for an instant, that spot is gone."

Some neighbors said they had to rethink inviting friends and family to their homes due to the parking situation.


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Krieks McDermott said she was concerned about hosting a party at her home on Laurel Street due to guests not having anywhere to park.

"After five o'clock, it's a disaster," she said.

The Parking Advisory Committee, responsible for enhancing the viability of the City of Rehoboth Beach by evaluating, researching and recommending parking related issues to the Board of Commissioners, is aware of the concerns and is actively looking for a solution.

Its chair, Linda Kauffman, said they've told the city that giving parking away for free after five may not be the best option anymore.

"How can you best utilize the fine line amount of spaces that are on the street between all of the demand generators, which are residents and employees and long-term parkers with rentals with a good permit program?" Kauffman asked. 

Rehoboth Mayor Paul Kuhns said the city's parking should be viewed as an economic development asset, one that is critical to keeping the downtown business scene vibrant and viable.

The Parking Advisory Committee scheduled a meeting for everyone who would be impacted by any change to give their opinion. It will be held on Monday, July 22 at City Hall.

Kauffman said the committee made prior recommendations to the commissioners in 2018 but received strong opposition at a public forum. This time the committee is working to gather as much information from those involved beforehand.

The recommendation comes after a new system in late May focused on easing traffic jams common in the one-square-mile-city by requiring drivers to punch in their license plate number when they're paying for parking at a meter. 

Click here for more information about Rehoboth Beach's current parking regulations. 

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