Help Name Philadelphia Zoo’s New Red Panda Cubs

The Philadelphia Zoo wants you to help name two of its newest additions.

Spark, a 5-year-old red panda who came to the zoo in 2013, gave birth to a male and female cub on June 26. The zoo trumpeted the births since the red panda -- aka the Firefox -- is considered vulnerable in the wild.

On Wednesday, the zoo will give the public its first look at the yet-to-be-named cubs and their mother Spark.


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One problem, the cubs are growing fast but they don’t have names yet, that’s where you come in. The zoo, America's first, asked the public to share name ideas one the zoo’s Facebook page or by email.

Mom and her cubs are joined by three other red pandas at the zoo.

You can “adopt” the red pandas by making a donation to help feed the furry bamboo eaters. The zoo said that anyone who makes a donation before the end of the year will receive a red panda plushie.

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