Raw Milk From Pa. Farm Contaminates 35, 28 in Pa.

Raw milk from a farm in Chambersburg, Pa has contaminated 35 people.

The number of confirmed cases of people sickened from raw milk is now up to 35 and 28 of the cases are in Pennsylvania.

The Pennsylvania Department of Health found raw milk from the Family Cow Farm near Chambersburg, Pa. may be contaminated with harmful bacteria called Campylobacter, according to WHPTV.

The packaged raw milk, which is labeled as “raw milk” on the milk containers, is sold at an on-site store at The Family Cow Farm and retail stores around Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, the Lehigh Valley and South-Central Pennsylvania, according to the Department of Health.

The Department of Agriculture is testing the raw milk product, but has not yet found a cause to the bacteria.

The farm’s owner, Edwin Shank, is cooperating fully with State Agriculture officials.

Camplyobacter is a bacterial infection that affects the intestinal tract and can sometimes affect the bloodstream and other organs, the Department of Health says.

Other cases of Camplyobacter have been confirmed in Maryland, West Virginia, and one in New Jersey.

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