Public Pool Contaminated After Sick Boy Swims in Water

July 4th was one of the busiest and hottest days of the year for Nockamixon State Park in Bucks County. But in a case of incredibly bad timing, the park was forced to suddenly close its half-acre pool due to a contamination.

“Lifeguards reacted quickly,” Obie Derr, the director of the park, said. “They got everybody out of the pool. Then we had to start going through the process of disinfecting the pool.”

Officials at the park say an 8-year-old boy sick with cryptosporidium was allowed to swim and defecated while inside the pool.

“It’s a parasite,” Derr said. “What it does is it causes diarrhea and also vomiting and can make a person very sick.”

Park officials closed the pool for a day and a half while they raised chlorine levels and performed hourly water tests.

“I appreciate it when they close the pool,” said Michelle Hummel, who visited the pool with her child. “At least they’re on top of it and they’re letting you know.”

The pool reopened on Saturday after it was deemed safe for swimmers. Officials say if your children are sick, you should always keep them out of the water.


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