Police Imposter on the Loose

A police imposter is on the loose. And, the suspect in uniform may be preying on innocent women.

A woman driving her car east on Cypress St. in the borough of Kennett Sqaure was stopped by a man pretending to be a cop at approximately 7:40 a.m. Wednesday.

Using a red dashboard light in his vehicle, the police imposter pulled the woman over as she approached the Rose Alley intersection.

Thinking the man was a legit police officer; the victim handed over her driver’s license.

But, she became alarmed at some of the things the suspect was saying to her. So, she asked to see the “officer’s” badge.

That’s when the suspect left the scene.

The suspect has followed the woman in the Kennett Square and West Chester areas a number of times over the past week, Pa. State Police note.

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