PHOTOS: Take ‘Quantum Leap' Back to Philly in 1985 as Live Aid Concert Is Featured in New Show

The new NBC show 'Quantum Leap' premieres on Monday, Sept. 19, and the first episode features scenes from the Live Aid concert held in Philadelphia 37 years ago. Two local legends of the city's music scene, DJ Pierre Robert and promoter Larry Magid, shared memories and photos of the concert

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In July 1985, a young music promoter named Larry Magid pulled together one of Philadelphia's greatest concerts: Live Aid, which featured some of the world's biggest bands and singers in an effort to raise money for famine relief.

"Somehow I convinced them to do it in Philadelphia," Magid told NBC10 in an interview last week of his efforts to convince the concert organizers to have it here. "Many of you won’t remember, but at the time, Philly had the biggest stadium in America: JFK (Stadium) was a big horseshoe that could hold over 90,000 fans. It was right in what is now the Wells Fargo Center’s Broad Street side parking lot. And frankly? It was a dump."

But, he added, "It was in just good enough shape that we could pull it off."

Magid and longtime WMMR-FM disc jockey Pierre Robert talked with NBC10 in new interviews about their memories of that crazy Saturday in the middle of the summer of 1985. Live Aid got some attention in NBC's new primetime series, "Quantum Leap," which premiered at 10 p.m., Monday, Sept. 19 on NBC10.

They also shared some photos with NBC10 from that day 37 years ago. Here's a look:

PHOTOS: Live Aid Concert at John F. Kenney Stadium in July 1985

The Hooters' Eric Bazilian also recalled being the hometown opening act for the Philly Live Aid concert.

"I think we had a tremendous sense of Philly pride," he told NBC10's Sheila Watko. "Yes, we were the local band, we were the band that was able to say 'welcome to Philadelphia.'"

"This was our city, this was our town, this was our audience and we were able to welcome the world."

NBC10's Sheila Watko speaks to The Hooters' Eric Bazilian about opening up Live Aid in Philadelphia in 1985. The iconic concert event is the focus of the premiere episode of the reboot of "Quantum Leap" on NBC10.
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