Philly Residents Petition Mayor About Electric Vehicle Parking Permits

About 300 members of the council so far have signed on to urge Mayor Jim Kenney to veto the measure.

Nobody is blowing a fuse, exactly, but there is a current of dissatisfaction about Philadelphia City Council's April 6 decision to issue a moratorium on issuing electric vehicle parking permits.

Now, city residents who see Bill 170093-A as a reversal of Philly's eco-friendly regulations have started a petition urging Mayor Jim Kenney to veto the measure. Three-hundred of a desired 500 people have signed the petition to date.

When he was a council member, Kenney sponsored the legislation that originally amended the city code to enable those with electric vehicles to reserve a spot outside their homes to charge their cars. Critics say that it privatizes on-street parking; electric vehicle owners say sustainability and environment-friendly solutions are a more pressing concern for the city.

City Council is looking for Mayor Kennedy to support the moratorium that the City Council voted for 11-6, and while he has not yet signed the bill, he's indicated that he will do so.

"That's the will of Council," Kenney said. "It’s a moratorium, it’s not an end. We can give it a shot to ease it for a while until we figure out a better solution.”

A copy of the petition can be found here.

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