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Philly Police Search for Missing Man and Daughter

Philadelphia Police are searching for a missing man and his daughter.

Police say Akram Freikha, 35, left his home on the 2700 block of Moore Street Monday to take his 5-year-old daughter Evelina Freikha to school at 8 a.m. Akram was supposed to return home to take his wife to work but never returned, investigators said.

Akram’s wife called their daughter’s school and was informed she was never dropped off.

The wife told police there is no custody order, no marital issues and her husband doesn’t have any mental health issues. She also said her husband once took their 9-year-old daughter away in the past to an unknown destination but returned within 24 hours.

Akram, who also goes by the name “Paul Lebon” is 5-foot-7 and weighs 180 pounds with brown eyes and black short hair. He was last seen wearing a gray suit with a white or gray shirt and a black coat.

Evelina is 3-foot-6 and weighs 32 pounds with brown eyes and long brown hair. She was last seen wearing a purple sweater, leopard pants and gray sneakers.

Akram was also last seen driving a white 1996 Acura TL Sedan with a PA tag# FLX9436.

If you have any information on their whereabouts, please call the South Detective Division at 215-686-3013, or dial 911.

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