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Philly Police Mourn 2 Officers Who Died of COVID-19

A total of four Philadelphia police officers have died in the line of duty as a result of COVID-19, officials said. 

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Loved ones are mourning two Philadelphia police officers who died after battling the coronavirus. 

Officer Tab Ali died on Nov. 23 while Captain Frank Millilo died on Dec. 3.

L to R: Officer Tab Ali, Captain Frank Millilo

Officer Ali was a 25-year veteran of the Philadelphia police department and served in the 5th District for 14 years. During the pandemic, Ali worked bicycle details throughout the city. 

“It seems as though everyone knew Tab; and whether that was by his gregarious nature, or running into him on a bike detail -- he made a lasting impression on everyone he met,” a Philadelphia police spokesperson said. 

Captain Millilo was a 31-year veteran with the Philadelphia police department. He worked various assignments throughout the city, including the 3rd District where he was a commander and most recently Southwest Detectives. He’s survived by a wife and three children. 

“Through his selfless actions during this crisis, Captain Millilo displayed immense dedication and commitment to his sacred oath,” the spokesperson said. “Captain Millilo’s dedication to service is legendary, and much like Officer Ali, the outpouring of love and support from the community has been heartwarming.” 

The deaths of Officer Ali and Captain Millilo bring the total number of Philadelphia police officers who have died from COVID-19 while in the line of duty to four.

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