Philly International Auctioning Unclaimed Lost Belongings Through Local Tech Company

Municibid, a Center City tech company that develops an online auction platform for the public sector, has started selling the items passengers leave behind at the Philadelphia Airport.

Some of the items currently on the auction block include a Magic Bullet blender, a chess set, and a random trophy – everything has at least one bid.

Greg Berry, Municibid's CEO, said the items usually have to sit in the lost-and-found for a year or so before they're eligible for sale.

"From what we gather, [the airport] does a good job to make the item available to the people who actually lost it," Berry said. "Most people do call and it is there, but then they don’t come and pick it up. Maybe they lost it and they’re in some other country, or they just don’t care enough about it."


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