Masked Man Knocks Woman Jogging in Delaware Park Unconscious

A masked man knocked a jogger out along a popular Delaware trail Monday night.

Newark Police found a 23-year-old woman unconscious but breathing on the ground in Phillips Park around 8:45 p.m.

Once she regained consciousness, the woman told investigators she was running along the James F. Hall Trail when a large man wearing a ski mask and gloves shoved her from behind and punched her several times in the face.

The attack left the woman with facial bruises that required treatment at Christiana Hospital. The attacker didn’t take anything from the woman.

No one witnessed the attack, which occurred by the tennis courts near where B Street leads into the trail, said police.

The park is across the street from the University of Delaware’s science and technology campus. Police didn’t know of any connection between the victim and the campus.

Investigators asked anyone with information or who might have seen something Monday night to contact Det. James Skinner at 302-366-7110 ext. 3135 or by email.

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