Philly Water Dept. Wants Rate Hike of Nearly 30 Percent

On average, it would raise people's water cost by about $200 a year

The Philadelphia Water Department will ask to raise rates for consumers by nearly 30-percent.

If the city's water commissioner, Howard Neukrug, signs off on the 28.5-percent increase, you'd begin to see the higher charges on your bill in the fall. The rate increase would be implemented over the next three years, and for the typical homeowner, it would mean paying nearly $200 more a year for water, according to the Philadelphia Inquirer.

Since 2009, the average homeowner's bill has gone up $163 a year, due to three other rate hikes that were pushed through, the Inky reports.

In a press release, the Water Department said it needed to hike rates to cover a projected shortfall of $316 million over the next four fiscal years.

You will get the chance, through public hearings, to let the city know how you feel about the hike. When the dates for those hearings are determined, they should be posted on the City of Philadelphia's website and the Water Department's website.

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