Philadelphia Police Bring Sylvester Stallone Into #NoSavesies Parking Spot Fight

Getty Images / Philadelphia Police Department

For Philadelphia residents who dug out piles of snow on the street, keeping that space from being taken by another person comes down to dropping a strategically placed chair, cone or trashcan.

But if you play the #GameofCones you could be fined. After using Drake's "Hotline Bling" to remind people #NoSavesies before the storm, police turned to a Philadelphia icon after the storm dropped 2 feet of snow.

"Your legacy is more than a parking spot," says the "movie ad" that plays off Sylvester Stallone's Oscar-nominated role in Creed. [[366718441, C]]

"Shovel and share -- it's not worth fighting over," said police. "We don't want any more sequels in this series. ‪#‎NoSavesies‬."

The practice, popular in some Philly neighborhoods where street parking is scarce, is both illegal and some would say, plain old unfair, but it can also cause a potentially dangerous confrontation.

As of Wednesday midday, police had yet to compile stats on how many "savesies" tickets officers had written.

Police urged anyone who sees a cone in the street to call 911.

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