Teacher Brings Gun to Philly Charter School

A woman told NBC10 her son was inside his 5th grade class when he stumbled over the gun.

An upset mother is speaking out, claiming her son tripped over a gun his teacher brought to a Philadelphia charter school Wednesday morning.

Police were called to the Russell Byers Charter School on the 1900 block of Arch Street after faculty at the school learned the staff member had brought a weapon.

Aleshia Nicole Pate told NBC10 her son was inside his 5th grade class when he stumbled over the gun.

"It was their turn to grade the class papers," Pate said. "He tripped over the bag and it spilled out a gun and his friend said, 'Michael watch your foot.' They both saw the gun."

Faculty contacted police and responding officers escorted the teacher out of the building for questioning. No one was injured during the incident.

“We are thankful that at no time was the safety of our students in jeopardy,” school Principal Kareem Goodwin wrote to parents.

The school’s counselor spoke with students who saw the weapon. Other students were encouraged to reach out to the counselor if they wanted to talk.

“As a parent myself, I know this incident can cause alarm but please rest assure that your child’s safety is our first and top priority,” Goodwin wrote.

The teacher was placed on indefinite suspension.

Pate told NBC10 her son was also interviewed by school officials after he saw the gun but she was never notified and she didn't know about the incident until her friend and son told her.

"No one notified me or called me or anything to tell me an incident occurred with your child, involving your child and this is what happened," Pate said.

A spokesperson for the school told NBC10 the gun was not loaded and if any parents weren't informed in a timely manner, it wasn't intentional. Pate told NBC10 she doesn't want to see her son's teacher back in the classroom again.

"I feel like he should not ever teach again," she said.

NBC10 reached out to the teacher but we have not heard back from him.

A spokesperson with the Philadelphia District Attorney's Office told NBC10 they're aware of the incident and investigating but charges have not been filed.

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