Eagles Owner Sends Letter to Ticket Holders

"Winning a Super Bowl remains the number one priority," Eagles owner Jeff Lurie and president Joe Banner wrote to fans on Saturday.

In a message sent to season ticket holders, the Eagles' management portrayed an image of stability, one day after talks between players and owners about sharing the NFL's wealth broke down.

In the letter, which is also published at the Eagles website, the management team said they felt confident that the 2011 pro football season would get off without a hitch.  If the impasse between players and management continues, there is the danger that games might be postponed or cancelled next season.

Less than two months away, the college draft awaits.  Lurie and Banner said the team will be holding its annual Draft Party at Lincoln Financial Field.

While the ownership kept a cool and confident tone, commenters on the Eagles website were irate.

"Basically both sides are a bunch of clueless, greedy weasels," one commenter wrote beneath the letter.  Another commenter wrote, "Hey Guys, I just want to thank you for sugar coating the turd for us."

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