Union Ready for Another SEPTA Strike?

The Transport Workers Union Local 234 is reportedly preparing a SEPTA strike in case upcoming contract negotiations don't go in its favor, according to Philadelphia magazine which cited a TWU memo. Four SEPTA contracts are set to expire on April 7.

“If negotiations fail,” reads a memo sent by TWU Local 234 to its members on Monday, “the unions representing SEPTA workers may all be on strike at the same time, idling bus, trolley, train and regional rail service for the first time ever.”

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WU Local 234 is the largest and most powerful of the 17 unions representing SEPTA workers. Where it goes, so go the other unions. The four contracts in question cover approximately 5,400 workers. The first contract set to expire is the TWU City Division, which includes city buses and subways. That division has 4,713 membersRead more about this story on PBJ.com.

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