Councilman: Rock Salt Inefficient, Dangerous. Try Beet Juice

During this snowy, icy winter, rock salt is on a lot of people's minds — especially Councilman Jim Kenney. He is calling for a hearing to see if there is a better option to melt ice.

He's particularly worried that the salt might cause health problems for dogs or small children. Here's more from an interview with a Philly station:

“The research we’ve done and the people we’ve talked to say that if they ingest too much, it can cause liver failure, pancreatic failure,” Kenney notes... Another concern for Kenney is whether the city lays the salt down too soon in advance of a storm:

“I’ve talked to people from cities that have a lot of snow. They don’t usually lay the rock salt down until the snow has started to fall. I’ve noticed here in Philadelphia we’ve been laying it down a day before the snow even starts.” Read more about this story on

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