PATCO Back on Track After Emergency Repair Slowed Commute

What to Know

  • Emergency rail repairs had PATCO trains operating on a special schedule Monday morning.
  • The agency used a single track between the Ferry and Broadway stations.
  • Commuters were told to expect a slower commute.

PATCO warned riders to be prepared for a slower commute Monday morning.

Ultrasonic testing done twice a year to evaluate track changes during temperature changes, found a defect in a piece of track between PATCO’s Ferry and Broadway stations in New Jersey, the transit agency connecting South Jersey to Center City Philadelphia said.

Trains in both directions operated on a special schedule Monday as the agency single tracked trains. Expect “delays throughout the morning rush hours,” PATCO said.

Trains departed in the Philly direction every 10 minutes during the morning rush. 

“The rail has not broken, but it must be repaired so that a break does not occur,” PATCO said on its website Monday. “A crew is on site now and trains will need to single-track around the work area.”

The transit agency apologized for the inconvenience to their ridership.

Crews worked through the day and PATCO returned to normal service in both directions around 2 p.m.

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