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PECO customers can choose a new electric supplier

The expiration of Pa. energy rate caps gives PECO customers a chance to choose your electric power company.

To help you sort through the choices, come to our FREE Pa. Power Switch event at the King of Prussia Mall and don't forget to bring your PECO bill.

Pa. Power Switch
Wednesday, January 19
Noon - 6 p.m.
The Pavillion in King of Prussia Mall

NBC10 Consumer Reporter Tracy Davidson, the P.U.C. and the alternate providers will be there to answer your questions and walk you through the process. You can sign up for a new provider on the spot or you can get a printout of some price comparisons to take home.

Here are some key points to know from the Pa. Public Utility Commission:

  • In Pennsylvania, customers can choose the company that generates their electricity, also known as the electric supplier.
  • Customers can switch to a competing supplier who may offer the lowest price, or provide a specific service, such as green/renewable energy.
  • The PUC can provide detailed information to find the electric suppliers available in specific areas.

Pennsylvania electric rates were capped in 1997, to help ease the transition to a more competitive market.  Since then the market price of electricity has gone up.  Now that the rate caps have expired, many customers may see an increase in their bills.

The ability to switch electric suppliers is expected to give customers more control over their electric bills.  Choosing a new electric supplier means choosing the company that generates the electricity. Generation supply costs make up the majority of the average electric bill.

Choosing the electric supplier is just one of the three parts of the electric service:

  • Generation is the production of electricity.
  • Transmission is the movement of electricity from where it's generate to the point of distribution.
  • Distribution is the delivery of electricity to a home or business.

It's important to note that choosing a new electric supplier, the company that will handle the generation and transmission of electricity, will not change the electric utility that distributes the electricity. That means, for example, that PECO customers choosing a new electric supplier, will still have PECO as the electric distributor. So, any questions or problems would still be handled by PECO.

The PUC has also put together fact sheets to answer basic questions.

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